On this page we present a few selected and recommended reads on our favorite topic, listed by publishing year. Some of these may be difficult to find, some are just a few clicks away.

Hur får jag ut mest av min Volvo Amazon
In Swedish by Iva Maasing on Forum När-Var-Hur-serien. 1965. No ISBN.

Volvo 120 Series 1961-70 Autobook
In English by Kenneth Ball on Autopress Ltd. 1972. ISBN 0851472761.

Volvo: Personvagnarna – från 20-tal till 80-tal
In Swedish by Björn-Eric Lindh on Förlagshuset Norden AB. 1984. ISBN 9186442066.

En Amazon med gangsterkeps
In Swedish by Ylva Floreman and Maud Nycander on Framtidsmuseet i Borlänge. 1985. ISBN 918537881X.

Volvo 120 & 130 Series Plus 1800 Sports – 1961 thru 1973 Automotive Repair Manual
In English by J H Haynes and B L Chalmers-Hunt on Haynes Publishing Group. 1988. ISBN 9780856962035.

Volvo Amazon-120 – Gold Portfolio 1956-1970
In English by R M Clarke on Motorbooks International. 1992. ISBN 1855201801.

Volvo P120 – The Amazon Series
In English by Dieter Günther and Walter Wolf on Autovision-Verlag Günther, Wolf & Co. 1994. ISBN 398027666X.

Essential Volvo 120 Series and P1800 – The Cars and Their Story 1956 – 73
In English by Anders Ditlev Clausager on Bay View Books. 1996. ISBN 1870979745.

Volvobilarna 1927-2000 – en kavalkad
In Swedish by Christer Olsson on Norden Media GmbH. 2000. ISBN 3907153006.

Volvo 75 År – 1927-2002
In Swedish by Jean Christer Olsson and Henrik Moberger on Norden Media. 2002. ISBN 3907153219.

Volvo 1800 & 120 Owners Workshop Manual
In English. Published by Brookland Books Lts. 2006. ISBN 1855201534.

Volvo Amazon – En fest for øjet i linjer og farver…
In Danish by Kim Frandsen and Ole Callesen under own publishing. 2006. ISBN 9788797387108.

Volvo AmazonThe Complete Story
In English by Richard Dredge on The Crowood Press Ltd. 2016. ISBN 9781785001048.

Historien om Volvofrån Jakob till nya V60
In Swedish by Hans Hedberg and Erik Wedberg on Teknikens Värld. 2018. ISBN 9174249533.

Med Volvo i fokusfotografen Bernt Lindström
In Swedish by Ida Dicksson and Lena Knutson Udd on Votum Gullers Förlag. 2020. ISBN 9789189021228.

Volvo Amazonhela Sveriges bil
In Swedish with summaries in English by Fredrik Nyblad on Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget. 2023. ISBN 9789189243347.

Volvo Amazonen ikon
In Swedish by Peter Nyström on Falcks Publishing AB. 2023. ISBN 9789152746905.