Compared to other car manufacturers, Volvo has always offered plenty of accessories for their cars. In many cases these are model specific and will sometimes only fit a certain edition but there are as well many accessories that fits on several different Volvo cars. Even if Volvo lists a lot of accessories in their own brochures it is with some exceptions typically not Volvo that produced them. This goes as well for accessories that are marked or labelled with Volvo’s name, logotype or brand. For instance radios offered by Volvo for the Volvo Amazon were manufactured by companies like Phillips, Bendix, etc. but are not rarely labeled ”Volvo Radio” etc. The same thing goes for the in Sweden very popular wool blankets that despite being branded Volvo were manufactured by Tidstrands wool factory in Sågmyra. Volvo did of course not have their own wool factory. It is therefore not surprising to find accessories for Volvo’s cars in brochures and advertisements that were not issued by Volvo.

There is a difference between what Volvo’s production plants delivered in terms of different editions of the Amazon and what you as a customer could order at Volvo’s resellers in terms of equipment level and accessories. What the production plants produced is listed in the parts catalogues and if a part is not listed there, for the Amazon for instance sun roof, then it was consequently not something that was factory installed. Several customer requirements and orders were instead fulfilled by the reseller. For Volvo Amazon on the Swedish market this concerns very popular accessories such as towing hook and (on certain model years and certain editions) exterior rearview mirrors but also more exotic accessories or options like sun roofs from third party producers like Webasto or Golde. A paying customer could of course always turn to a reseller for help with fitting accessories to the car.

Accessories for Volvo Amazon were manufactured and sold long after the last car had left the production line. Some are manufactured still…

Enjoy your Volvo even more with custom accessories

Zubehöre Volvo 121/122S RK 4316.12..69. 6.000. Tyska

Volvo accessories CA 6/65

Volvo accessories 1968

Group 1   Luggage
Group 2   Lighting
Group 3   Vehicle maintenance
Group 4   Comfort, interior
Group 5   Radio
Group 6   Road safety
Group 7   Cold climate articles
Group 8   Miscellaneous
Group 9   Spare parts

P10   Storage, cargo, luggage
P20   Lighting, electrical equipment
P30   Repair and maintenance items
P40   Comfort
P50   Stereo
P60   Road safety, child safety, anti-theft
P70   Climate – Cold weather accessories
P80   Climate – Warm weather accessories
P90   Sporting accessories, trim, wheels